Where Physical Meets Digital

Digital versus Physical 

Most individuals and organizations are aware of the benefits of efficient energy management system. However, they tend to shy away from it because of the effort and skills required to collate data, to analyze data and to maintain an efficient system. 

Having the correct set of data is necessary to create a clear picture of your energy inputs and outputs. This makes it easy for inefficiencies and energy saving opportunities to be identified. However, the manual task of having to track energy use, costs and carbon emissions can be tedious and is prone to human errors. 

Digitalization in energy management is important for optimal tracking, reporting and control as well being able to collect data efficiently and effectively. It is referred to as smart energy management because it involves the use of computerized information, and it reduces the risk associated with manually managing an energy management system. 


Finding the balance.

Investment in digital technology has risen over the years which is a positive depiction of individual and organizational interests in the environmental and commercial impacts of energy. The lack of proper skill, as we have mentioned above, can be a setback to seeing real changes in your business. It is not simply about having the newest green technology but being able to manage this technology in a way that reflects proper energy management for the business. This is where physical meets digital in energy management.


ETS bridging that gap for you. 

Improper management of your energy data and systems can be discouraging and frustrating for your business. At ETS, we have a competent team and resources to meet this challenge. We manage your energy management system by using energy data available in an insightful way to identify inefficiencies and saving opportunities. We also have our digital tools to help us monitor, measure, and analyze your energy data to international measurement & verification standards (IPMVP).  If you do not already have an energy management system in place, we can guide you to setting up one for your organization and ensuring that this complies with industry standards.


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