Winner of 'Energy Project of the Year' at Edie Awards – Midcounties Co-op


Winner of ‘Energy Project of the Year’ at edie Awards – Midcounties Co-op

Our client, Midcounties Co-op, was winner of ‘Energy Project of the Year’ at the edie Awards this year. ETS is delighted to have helped MCC be recognised for this award and continue to reduce their energy consumption. MCC saved 3.5 million kWh, as well as £1 million. This equals a reduction of 700 tonnes of CO2. The collaboration across sites, offices, and stores is incredible!

Energy bills have risen dramatically, which has a significant impact on retail. COOP’s long-term goal is to cut direct GHG emissions by 50% by 2027. They concentrate on increasing colleague awareness of energy savings and improving comprehension and visibility of energy usage. Their sophisticated Energy Saving Plan covers all aspects of their business.

ETS has assisted MCC in performing site assessments in order to discover more energy-saving opportunities and generate periodic energy consumption and flatness reports. It examines the energy efficiency of the store when it is closed. Ideally, the store should minimise its energy consumption at night by over 50%. ETS has been monitoring their performance on a monthly basis to verify that they are using energy efficiently. Meanwhile, several quick wins with energy behaviour corrections have been identified, such as the use of night blinds on refrigerated cabinets to avoid energy waste, refrigeration degree set point modifications to cut energy usage, and effective air-conditioning maintenance. Minor changes can make a significant difference in terms of energy efficiency. MCC has saved almost 1 million kWh, or £300,000, as a result of these simple modifications.

ETS is celebrating our 25th year offering energy management strategies to a variety of industries. We are overjoyed to witness our clients’ achievements. Boost energy efficiency and save the environment together.

Picture of Energy of the year winners 'Midcounties coop' at the Edie Awards.

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