Performance Auditing & BMS

Key Benefits of Performance Auditing in Building Management

Maintaining a firm grip on the condition of building services equipment within your properties provides you with the knowledge and insight to ensure budget certainty, and avoid plant and building downtime which will impact your operations and adversely affect relations with any tenants.

In addition, ensuring that the contractors you are employing to undertake Planned Preventative Maintenance works are delivering against both their contractual requirements and best practice guidelines, ensures that your buildings are being managed and maintained in an optimal manner and you are receiving best value form your service providers.

We will undertake thorough audits of your buildings, ensuring that all opportunities for improvement and issues regarding maintenance and plant condition are identified, and provide robust plans for enhancement.





Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Getting under the skin of your buildings, to identify risks and opportunities for improvement.

Often buildings do not operate to their full potential, resulting in ‘performance gaps’ with regard to energy and operational efficiency. 

Whilst inefficient building performance is a multi-faceted issue, a lack of data integration is often a key contributing factor. Combining energy data with engineering expertise provides deep insight into the real causes of tenant complaints, equipment failures and maintenance issues. 

Following a thorough analysis of consumption data, our consultants will undertake physical site audits of your properties to review the serviceability, maintainability and condition of the plant equipment and controls. 

Critical areas covered include plant defects, energy saving opportunities, 5-year plant replacement strategies and advice, energy conservation measures, and asset lists of plant and equipment.

We will also audit the performance of your incumbent maintenance contractors, ensuring that the services you are paying for are being delivered in line with contractual requirements and best practice.

We will advise you on the most appropriate course of action, and present impartial recommendations to ensure compliance, energy efficiency, and plant longevity is maintained and enhanced. 


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