Smart Technology & Achieving Net Zero

Harnessing Smart Solutions for Sustainable Net Zero Goals

Making a Net Zero carbon commitment is a firm statement of intent to the market that your organisation takes sustainability and environmental performance seriously. Furthermore, that you are aligned with, or even leading, the drive to limit the impacts of global climate change.

Our Smart Net Zero approach means that the reputational and efficiency benefits inherent in the journey to Net Zero also deliver additional value to your business while further future-proof your estate.



Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement

Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement

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    As a number of high-profile organisations are make firm commitments to achieve ‘Net Zero’ carbon status – with timelines either aligned to, or in advance of the UK’s national target – it is imperative that all organisations understand the full commercial challenges and opportunities of pursuing ‘Net Zero’ status.

    Harnessing our full range of expertise and drawing on guidance from industry bodies such as the UK Green Building Council, we act as your strategic partner to develop and deliver holistic and detailed plans for ongoing compliance and improvement, and robust pathways to Net Zero status.

    We adopt a ‘Smart’, technology-led approach – enabling a number of additional benefits to be realised through the integration of the full range of solutions available across the building technology the market:

    • Reduction of over reliance on carbon offsets and associated unrecoverable cost
    • Realisation of additional benefits around Internal Air Quality and associated tenant satisfaction metrics
    • Improving the quality and attractiveness of commercial space will assist in adding rental and capital value to buildings as progress is made through the Net Zero journey
    • Ongoing data and metrics will enable further resolution on energy consumption year-on-year reduction in offsets required to maintain Net Zero status
    • Potential for improved adaptability and flexibility of space to respond to changing overall business requirements


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