Technical Energy Hub: An Overview

Components and Functions of a Technical Energy Hub

Once a site is connected to our TEC, you benefit from continual energy management and technical support. Energy consumption from main and sub-meter data is regularly reviewed and monitored to identify areas for efficiency control and improvement. 

Weather data, building information and other relevant influencing parameters are also collated and included within analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of building performance. 

The TEC team translates this information into actionable energy saving opportunities, and associated technical energy solutions, which either your maintenance providers or our Consulting Engineers can manage through to resolution.

Energy consumption, exception alerts, project updates and downloadable reports are presented via the ETS Energy Manager platform. Our data analysts utilise these tools to ensure energy saving opportunities are delivered successfully with full financial-grade IPMVP performance verification.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction



The combined expertise of our Chartered Energy Managers with world-leading energy management tools, deployed globally.

Our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) team of Chartered Energy Managers, Analysts and Data Scientists are remotely connected to thousands of sites, monitoring real-time granular energy consumption to proactively respond to inefficiencies on a continual basis, helping to optimise operational performance and reduce capital expenditure. 


Utilising a suite of bespoke software tools, our TEC team can perform an array of functions on your behalf on a proactive and responsive basis – remotely adjusting control settings, reporting on energy consumption and validating the cause and effect of recommended energy saving initiatives, new technologies, operational and behavioural measures. 

The figure below illustrates how our TEC service works:


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