The Need for BMS Optimisation in New Builds

So, your new building is finished, fully commissioned, and handed over. It is now ready for occupation and to be fully equipped with all the state-of-the-art modern features. However, do you know the energy profile of your new building? How much the building going to cost you and the environment?

Yes, someone would have provided an estimation of the costs to run the building, but is that prediction correct? Buildings are not homogeneous; their operation and efficiency are unique to the activities undertaken within the specific site.

Just because a building is new, does not mean that it is running correctly or efficiently. Construction companies have tight deadlines to get a building up, running and compliant to safety specifications. As a result, the finer details of energy efficiency and optimisation is usually treated as an afterthought.

Typically, problems are not identified until after the first-year warranty period has passed, which invariably is too late. The delay in identifying building performance issues can be very costly. Running an inefficient building can cost thousands in wasted energy. It is even more worrying if there are no processes or systems in place to verify or quantify energy use.

Do not wait until issues arise. Inefficient buildings not only cost more money to run but they also impact comfort conditions. Review the current performance of your HVAC equipment and plant operation immediately after your building has been commissioned. In doing so, you will not only identify energy waste through inefficient equipment, but also benchmark the buildings performance.

The information gathered from a performance review will form the body of any action plan going forward. The action plan should provide a list of tasks to reduce energy waste within the building. If done correctly, your running costs should significantly decrease.

Your building should be efficient and comfortable from the start. If you are experiencing problems with your building performance speak to our team today on 0117 379 0850.

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